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What Tells You Who I Am?

Posted by Amanda Gray on August 7, 2011

What makes me think I’m the boss

Of managing this time

With every day that comes and goes

Every day I waste some more

But grasping is the crime


What makes me think I’m the boss

And I know what’s right

A bakers dozen, some give some take

Judge the biggest slice of cake

With contempt in every bite


Of this, what can I qualify

Where nothing’s black or white

I make my bed, I comb my hair

Decide exactly what I like


But does that tell you who I am?

What tells you who I am?

Who tells me who I am?


What makes me think I’m the boss

That I can ring the bell

Against the flow, jump up fall down

If I listen close, a mocking sound

That runs this carousel


And so, what can I simplify

If I offer no complaint

I eat my soup, go for a walk

Live life like a saint


But does that tell you who I am?

What tells you who I am?

Who tells me who I am?


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Talking to Myself – My Self?

Posted by Amanda Gray on May 30, 2011

I’m afraid.  Afraid of losing something.  When I open my eyes in the morning and feel anxiety scraping a hole through my stomach like steel wool on cheese, I’m afraid of losing my peace.  I think that when I get up for the day, I’ll lose my peace.  If that’s what I think – then it’ll be so. 

How can I lose something I already haveWhy do I choose to give it away? 

Because I want to keep believing I’m weak and a victim.  So I replace peace with fear.  When I know that peace is mine, then I can’t give it away, nor can it be taken.  It becomes the peace that passes all understanding.

Am I afraid of light?  Am I afraid of losing darkness?

I feel safe in the dark – whether asleep or in deep meditation (nothingness).  In the light I have to do stuff that I don’t want to do.

Do I?

I don’t know God’s Will, but… why would God want to make me do things I don’t want to do?  That’s more like a devil.

Can I trust that God wants me to do things that I want to do?  And BE peaceful?

Yes.  I can believe that.

*** [break] ***

I notice that I’m judging the present moment as being undesirable or unsafe.  That I have to do something to ensure the safety of the next moment. 

Do I resist mundane activity itself?


What haven’t I seen in mundane activity?  What is it showing me?  Why do I feel anxiety when I’m in a very busy or stressful situation?

Time pressure… a belief that I don’t have enough time.  Desire for more time.  Angry that I don’t have more time.  Greed for more time.  But I am an INFINITE being.  Time is infinite.  I already have all time.

Perhaps I hide from my Self because I want more time here – more physical life, or more time in peace (as darkness)?

Activity = < time + < peace + < life.  I don’t want to waste the limited time I have on pointless activities.  More time to do what I want.  More time to be lazy.

Why be lazy?

To conserve energy.

Why conserve energy?

More life.

Why more life?

I haven’t done what I came here for.

What did I come here for?

To be free.

Am I free now?


Why not?

Because I don’t live in love.  I’m selfish.

Is it true?



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A Course in Miracles - The Movie

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